Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mdm Zaitun

"akum..thnx for ur sweet card.not much i can attribute to u coz u are only 5/52 here.How nice if u are 3 yrs posting.Any how, short period does not mean u have missed everything. U have a long journey to go. I'm Just 50% guiding u to the right path. The rest is your curiousity, iniative, attitude & knowledge in ur practical / teory. eventhough u r small but u have big ambition. I know that u can do it.Just put a little bit harder each day, u will pas with flying colour. U can even go further than diploma.If i can do master of education now, why not u? come on young girl..!! Anyway, i always pray and i know u will succeed in ur LJM and future by looking at your attitude, iniative and ability.Nice to see u today and happy journey home.Im also on sdays off and going back to see my family.But be back here for my master exam on sat/sun.That's why i always ask u to buy nescafe ttarik for me bcoz of the sleepness night.TQ very much. Dont worry,u have done well and u are the best among the all.congrate, bye.."

thanks for everything madam.we love you :')